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How to search property by address only.

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Cody Victor
About 1 month ago
I hope I’m understanding your question correctly, but, in order to retrieve results avoid putting the last part of the street name; drive, lane, circle, etcetera.
Nicole Sargent
About 1 month ago
You can search property by address only by putting in the number or number and name. In some cases you can add the name without putting in the number along with Street, Circle, Lane etc at the end.
Sara Molina
About 1 month ago
Once you open Matrix there is a search bar at the top. It says enter shorthand or MLS number. However, you can put an address there as well and it will work.
Julie Angilella
About 1 month ago
Once you have signed into Matrix, there is a search bar at the top. Type only the house number and street name. Do not use street, lane, court etc. Do not include zip codes. Make sure to check the spelling.
Yvonne Chauvin
About 1 month ago
Go to Matrix, then scroll down to the section "Location Information. Right underneath the yellow top bar, you will see few fields that allow you to search by address: street number, then street name. If you're using the HAR ap, it's even easier- open the ap, and type in the address in the top search bar on the upper left hand corner.
Joe Applewhite
About 1 month ago
Here ya go! Add the address to the search bar.
Arti Solanki
About 1 month ago
You can search it on Matrix and/ or even on search bar on the upper left HAR icon. Searching by address, you can skip Dr, LN, Bld, etc.
Tracie Benton
About 1 month ago
Log Into Matrix. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a place to enter a home address. If the house is currently active on the market, you will see the house come up after you hit the search button.
Richard Luebeck
About 1 month ago
Just use the Street number and name, but leave out drive lane etc.
Tammy Sanford-Lawrence
About 1 month ago
To search for a house by address, only enter the house number and the street name, do not add drive, circle, lane, or avenue. This allows you to find the address very quickly.
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