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3 Things to consider when relocating
2 October, 2022| Relocation & Newcomer, Safety & Security, General
When moving to a new location their are things you need to consider. Depending on what your reason is for moving, different items may rank higher on your list than others. I will discuss three things... read more
Beware of Scams
16 September, 2022| Safety & Security, Neighborhoods & Communities, Re...
I want to inform everyone in regards to a scary fraud situation that happened to me this week. In the past few months I have sold a few lots in Benders Landing Estates. I had recently closed on a lot... read more
Extinguish Your Chance of a House Fire
7 September, 2022| Safety & Security, Condo Living, Home Safety
Malibu beach houses and mobile homes all burn down. Any home can catch fire and any home owner can die in the blaze. In 2009, house fires caused 2,565 deaths, 12,650 injuries, and 7.6 billion in direc... read more
Buy Beautiful Homes in Sugar Land, TX
6 September, 2022| Luxury Homes, Home Buying, Safety & Security
Living in a peaceful neighborhood in SugarLand, Texas.  Click here to see available beautiful homes you can purchase today. read more
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Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety
5 September, 2022| Safety & Security
Think about it: Most of your guests (and if your home is on the market, many would-be buyers) see your home only in the evening, when its best features may be lost in the shadows. Well-executed outdoo... read more
How To Dispute Credit Report Errors
31 August, 2022| Mortgage & Finance, Education, Safety & Security
If you've checked your credit reports lately for errors, congratulations! Thats a smart first step to improving your credit score, which can make getting approved for home loans and credit cards,... read more
Create an Evacuation Plan for Your Pets
18 August, 2022| General, Houston Living, Safety & Security
An evacuation plan is a necessity for every home, especially if you live in an area where fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and other disasters are a possibility. Many homeowners create evacua... read more
7 Ways to Get to Know a Potential Neighborhood Fro...
2 August, 2022| Home Buying, Schools, Safety & Security
Hi guys, I do hope you had a great weekend, I also hope your week is off to a great start. As I mention in my previous post on Friday, I was not able to attend the run I recommend, but my fam and I d... read more
Family Hack of the Week
28 July, 2022| General, Home Safety, Safety & Security
WoW! What summer heat we are having…  Am sure you know that summer heat can be dangerous for people and pets alike. Here are some important tips from the Humane Society that can help keep... read more
More Ways to Stormproof Your Home
24 July, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Safety & Security
More Ways to Stormproof Your Home Stormproofing Your Property There are a few changes that you can make to your property that may significantly reduce the likelihood of storm-related damage to you... read more
Installing a Pool? Tell Your Insurance!
17 July, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Safety & Security
Installing a Pool? Tell Your Insurance! Swimming pools can be a lot of fun. They give you a way to cool off during the summer, have fun with friends and family, and even get some low-impact exercise t... read more
Telge Road widening project design to be re-evalua...
13 July, 2022| Home Buying, Safety & Security, Relocation & Newco...
Harris County Precinct 3 is re-evaluating plans for the widening of Telge Road from Louetta Road to north of the Grand Parkway. Plans previously included widening Telge to four lanes, improv... read more
What Should Be in an Emergency Survival Kit?
14 May, 2022| Home Safety, Safety & Security
You cant prevent disasters, but you can take charge of how you respond if youre prepared. The first step is putting together an emergency preparedness kit. What should go in an emergency kit? Here ar... read more
How to Hurricane-Proof Windows
13 May, 2022| Home Safety, Safety & Security
Hurricanes are scary enough, but the idea of broken glass flying through your living room at 155 mph is downright terrifying. Add to that the scary thought that hurricane winds coming in through broke... read more
Preparing Your Computer and Devices for Severe Wea...
8 May, 2022| Home Selling, Safety & Security
As Texans, were all too familiar with the dangers of severe weather conditions, whether theyre caused by a winter freeze or by a hurricane or tropical storm. We know how to prepare our homes, what sup... read more